Video 9 Oct

Jeevan Antony of Madràs covering Solitary Man by Neil Diamond.

Video 1 Sep 3 notes

Great cover of Genesis by Grimes.

Video 1 Sep 1 note

Madràs’ remix of Holocene. If you like it, vote, share and spread the word!

Vote here:

Text 19 Jul Pritchetts vs the Dreamers

Four Modern Family nominations in the same category! Guess it’ll be the Pritchetts vs the dreamers after all.

Video 7 Jul 1 note

Madràs live at the Cellar on May 5th, 2012

Video 30 May 9 notes

Dexter is a chair, Debra wants a table.

Video 25 Feb 2 notes

Close your eyes. Sleep.

Text 13 Oct 33 notes The Night Shift


If you guys could take 5 seconds and vote for my short film “The Night Shift” by clicking this link:, I would be forever grateful.

That stranger you helped.

PS - If you want, you can watch the movie here -

Video 12 Oct 17 notes

New song by Madràs.

If you like our music, check out our bandcamp page -

Feel free to share the music :)

Video 23 Sep 3 notes

My first blog after so long! Sophomore year has gotten the better of my time.

Anyway, I love this.

Not sure if they’re lip-syncing this for the music video or if they’re actually doing it, cause if they are -  the way Paul brings out his harmonies is amazing.

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